Jan 1, 2012

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2011, looking forward to 2012


2011 has been a great year for Tektrify. We added three new apps iLoader 2, RecordNow and iLoader for Google+ to our list and made a few updates to iLoader 1, iLoader HD and iVideo. Here are what we have accomplished with them.

iLoader 2We ran into a few issues but we were able to iron them out and it is very well received now with all 5 stars rating. Love reading them! In the last update, we also added two premium effect packages Nostalgia and Grunge as in app purchases. It was pretty well received so thank you for your support and glad you guys like them. If you haven’t seen them, you should check them out!

RecordNow- It was pretty well received at first but not very well after. If you have RecordNow, please give us feedbacks so we can improve it and make it awesome like iLoader 2 and other apps.

iLoader for Google+- Sad to say but iLoader for Google+ seems to be a failure comparing to all our apps download numbers :( . We are guessing that everyone is still on Facebook and no one uses Google+. Will see how it goes for 2012…

iLoader 1- iLoader 1 is still pretty well received and used by a large number of fans. We were going to discontinue it but because of the large number of fans, we decided to keep it in the App Store and maintain it. We are still deciding on what to do.

iLoader HD and iVideo- We will be spending a lot of time with these two apps in the coming year because we didn’t give them as much attention as we would like so stay tuned!

Thank You

We want to take a little time to thank our graphic designer Jeff Holter, who make our apps look awesome, our support/testing team including Sam Nugent, Vien Hua and Nhu Vu for your top notch support and testing and our beta testers who helped us make sure that our apps are as bug free as possible. Without you guys, Tektrify will not be able to put out quality apps and provide the high quality support that we have been providing. Last but not least, we want to especially thank you guys for supporting us by buying our apps and using them so we can keep doing what we love. Without all of your support, we will not be here period! Thank you!


We are very excited and really looking forward to 2012 because we have so much plans to bring you guys more useful and awesome updates, new apps and especially some new games. We will probably be expanding our little team to add more resources. We will be putting more resources into making some awesome games in 2012 so stay tuned! We also would like to run more giveaways and sweepstakes as we didn’t have time to run them this year.

We here at Tektrify, want to wish everyone a warm and prosperous New Year and hope that you can achieve anything that you set out to do! Don’t settle for any less and don’t keep up!



  1. Zemzemali says:


  2. Shelbymkline says:

    I’m still have trouble with uploading on ipad2 it keeps crashing when I upload the pictures suggestions

  3. Anonymous says:


    When does it crash? While it is uploading?

  4. Confused! says:

    I’ve just downloaded iLoader to my iphone and enabled Location Services but I don’t understand how I get new photographs into iLoader to upload them to Facebook.  I’m confused.  Sorry

  5. Confused! says:

    It’s Confused here again.  I’ve now realise that when I’m in Camera Roll I click on the top right corner icon (arrow coming out of oblong box) and that asks me to Select Items so I can click on whichever pics I want to post to Facebook.  I click Add To hoping it will let me choose an album from those listed in my Facebook account but it doesn’t take me back into Facebook.  I’ve watched your video etc but am not getting the hang of this.  Sorry.

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