May 18, 2011

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iLoader 2- Everything you need to know

If you “Liked” iLoader on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, you might have seen a few awesome sneak peaks about iLoader 2. If you haven’t “Liked” iLoader on Facebook or follow iLoader on Twitter, now is a good time to do so. Go ahead, I’ll wait… Alright…!

We have been working on iLoader 2 since November of last year. It took a lot more work than we initially thought, but boy was it worth it!  We have optimized and improved every part of the app to make it even more fun and easy to use.  iLoader2 has a totally new user interface and design – with awesome animations and sound effects – and the ability to even more quickly select photos and efficiently upload them in the background.

Based on reviews (4.5 stars overall), users loved how iLoader 1 quickly and easily batch uploaded their photos and videos to Facebook, despite a rather plain user interface. iLoader 1 has been a Top 10 Paid App under the Social Networking category for many months and still is. iLoader 1 was ranked as high as #2 in Top Paid Social Networking and #75 in Top Paid Overall in the US and many other countries.

Well, we have bettered iLoader 1 with iLoader 2!  We now have an even faster multi-photo selection, quick preview, photo edit (with crop and special effects), and uploading them in the background. We also wanted to make iLoader 2 more fun to use. We did that by adding cool animations and sound effects. But wait there’s more!  We have also added New Profile Photos (friends’ profile photos that have recently changed), Photo of the Day (friends’ photos from the last 24 hours with comments and likes) and Photo of the Week (friends’ photos from the last seven days with comments and likes) – right on your iLoader 2 home screen. When you see your friends’ new photos, we think it encourage and inspire you to post your photos too. We think that Photo of the Day and Photo of the Week will create a little competition between you and your friends to post more photos. To be on the Photos of the Day and Weeks lists, your photos need to have comments and likes. We think you will LOVE iLoader 2.

Now to the important part. Is iLoader 2 an update to iLoader 1 or a separate app? Do you have to pay again if you have iLoader 1? The answer is, iLoader 2 is a separate app and you have to buy again if you want it. We know some of you are going to be a little upset (or even totally pissed), but please hear us out . You might have noticed that iLoader is under my personal name “Ky Vu” and the rest of our other apps are under “Tektrify, Inc”. When I first started out, developing apps was a hobby, but now we have grown and have become a corporation – Tektrify, Inc. We want to move all our apps under the Tektrify, Inc. label.  An obvious solution would be to move iLoader 1 over to Tektrify, Inc. and then provide an upgrade to iLoader 2, right? That’s what we thought, but unfortunately Apple won’t allow it because of their complex system. The only way to move iLoader over to Tektrify, Inc is to submit it as a new app, which is why iLoader 2 is a separate app.

iLoader 2 will be priced at $2.99 because of the quality and features. WTF is probably going through your mind right now, right? We understand that a few users won’t be happy and we don’t want that. We love and value our users and we don’t want anyone to be unhappy so we came up with a solution. We will price iLoader 2 at $0.99 for the first FOUR DAYS to give you guys a chance to get it.  After that it will go back to $2.99. With six months of work and the quality of iLoader 2, we think it should be well worth your $0.99, don’t you think? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

iLoader 2 will be available on App Store on Sat May 21 so watch out for it!

Here is the official screenshots and description of iLoader 2:

✓ Tired of uploading ONE photo or video at a time?
✓ Tired of the Facebook app giving errors?
✓ Then you will LOVE iLoader 2

The Best Facebook photo and video batch uploader and viewer just got Revolutionized! iLoader 2 takes the tedious uploading process and makes it fun and easier than ever! iLoader 2 makes viewing your and your friends’ photos and videos fun and totally addicting. Don’t take our word for it – check out the screenshots and reviews to decide for yourself!

★★★ Uploading Features:
✓ Super fast multi-photo selection
✓ Add captions and tag friends in photos
✓ Rotate, crop and add special effects (black/white) to photos
✓ Swipe & Pinch photos to view in more detail, similar to built-in Photos app
✓ Create new photo albums and set privacy from within iLoader
✓ Upload photos to personal albums or Fan Pages
✓ Add video titles, descriptions and set privacy/permissions
✓ Trim and playback videos to make sure they are perfect before uploading
✓ Upload regular or HD versions of photos and videos
✓ Continue uploading even after you exit iLoader, with multi-task/background support
✓ Batch upload multiple selected photos and videos to Facebook in one shot
✓ Show progress when uploading with pause and resume

★★★ Viewing and Other Features:
✓ Instantly view all your friends’ New Profile Photos
✓ Instantly view all your friends’ Photos of the Day and Week
✓ View your personal photos and photos of your Fan Pages
✓ View photos as a slideshow
✓ Watch videos (standard or HD quality) from you, friends, pages and groups
✓ Share videos to Facebook, Twitter and Email
✓ Quickly update your Facebook status
✓ NO INTERNET CONNECTION? NO PROBLEM. iLoader can do everything except upload without an Internet connection
✓ Save selections and edits and later resume where you left off
✓ Work on 3G or Wifi

  1. Will iLoader 2 for iPad be ready on the 21st as well?

  2. iquanyin says:

    i cant wait. your solution is good, your app is good. no complaints.

    (btw, i joined testflight. think of me if you need testers for iloader 3! )

  3. Hi

    It’s completely rip off. Using all those corporation words just to charge us again.

    The proper way to value ur loyal customer is to do a refund or free in-app upgrade. we all should have been migrated to iloader 2 without been charged again.

    Without your old customer base, you would not achieved everything.

    In term of business ethics, it would be your responsibility to make sure your old customers are getting updated as promised in it’s original purchase. Therefore even you created a new version under different publisher, regular update should still be available alone with ur new version. I see your old iloader is no longer available in the app store, I guess there will be no more updates.

    Frustrating and disappointed.

  4. Mark Moynihan says:

    I’m gone….. Not spending anything more!!
    See Ya

  5. Sorry to hear that Mark and thank you for using iLoader.

  6. Christin says:

    I appreciate that you’ve provided an explanation and I understand your reasoning for changing from your personal name to your corporation’s name. And, to your credit, the explanation provided at least appears to be sincere. However, in light of the fact that you are asking your customers to, essentially, repurchase an application to make use of changes that really should be included in an update, 4 days does not seem a fair amount of time to make available the discounted rate. I just learned of iloader 2 today. It bothers me that I paid full price for iloader & now have will have to pay full price for iloader 2 to receive your update, simply because you have chosen to incorporate. If there is no way to provide a discount solely to customers who have already paid for iloader, it seems a more appropriate customer service move would be for you and your company to bite the bullet, rather than asking the very customers who “MADE” Tektrify, Inc. to bite the bullet for you. Certainly you can’t expect that four days is enough time to ensure that the bulk of your previous iloader customers have opportunity to learn of, review & download iloader 2 at the discounted rate. It seems that, at a minimum, the discounted rate should be made available for several months to give previous iloader purchasers ample time to benefit. You have a great product, and iloader 2 will undoubtedly sell to old & new customers for a long time to come. Surely you can afford to make the discounted rate available for more than four days. Your company would benefit by maintaining a reputation of integrity, fairness & loyalty to it’s customers. Respectfully, the impression left on the discerning consumer (though it may very well be inaccurate) is one of a company motivated by greed to take advantage of it’s loyal customer base. Unfortunately, to many, it does and will appear as if you are trying to make your iloader customers, upon whom you’ve built your success, pay twice for the same application. Likewise, offering your fair, aporopriately discounted rate for a woefully unfair, insufficient length of time seems more like a attempt to obscure your company’s unsavory actions and motives than a true attempt to provide a fair solution for your established customers. I am not asserting that this impression is correct; as I said, your explanation and predicament seem sincere. However, there are other photo loaders out there, & there will be many more to come. It would be a shame to lose out to lesser apps in the long run because your great products have been overshadowed by poor customer relations. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll download the iloader 2. I’m a successful professional, and it’s not about the $2.99 for me. It’s just a matter of principle. I apologize for the length of my post and I welcome your response.

  7. Hikikomorihime says:

    I’d actually get it if I had the option of making it PINK instead of green. Yuck to the green!

  8. @Hikikomorihime

    Lol… You actually can. We have 4 different themes for you to choose(Green, Pink, Blue, and Grey).

  9. @Christin

    Sorry for the delay response. We really appreciate your honest opinion and your professional criticism. You are right that there is no way to offer discount to existing customers with the current App Store. We have tried to advertise to current iLoader users like a week before iLoader 2 was release and plus the 4 days on sale. I guess that was not enough to existing iLoader users to take advantage of that.

    Your suggestion to put it up on sale for 4 months seems to be reasonable from a user point of view and we honestly would be willing to bite the bullet on that but the problem is that we strive to have a reputation for our app as High Quality so putting it at $0.99 will give the impression that the app is cheap and lower the reputation. Also, iLoader 2 is our most polished and best app by far and we don’t want to lower its standard for that. We are still thinking of ways to show our appreciation to iLoader 1 customers without degrading the reputation of iLoader 2.

    We do understand your thinking and your principle but please also understand our too.


  10. Wow — thank you so much for your courteous response. I’m impressed that you are willing to publicly post customer concerns and that you take the time to respond to them. That really does demonstrate great customer care and appreciation. And yes, I can definitely see your predicament. You’ve won me over. ;) I’m downloading the new app now. Thank you again for your attentive response!

  11. Hi Christin,

    Thank you for your support and understanding. We try hard to keep you guys(our customers) happy because without you guys, we will not be here.

  12. im able to download up to 96% of a video but then it ends and cuts off and im sent to my mainscreen of my iphone. What is going on?

  13. it only appears to “only me” everytime i post…any setting to change this??cant find any

  14. Both iLoader 1 and 2 wont work for me when uploading. When I select the photos from camera roll and then pull up facebook albums….it keeps trying to download them but says “Initializing downloading” then fails and says “0″ photos were uploaded. I have re-downloaded it and even have the most up to date software on iPhone. The only way it works is if I…. upload those photo’s to “Mobile uploads” which sucks because I want them in different albums…please help!!!!

  15. i just recently updated my software on my Iphone 4s and now iloader 2 does not work. It shows and error screen and tells me i need to turn on my location when my location IS in fact turned on. Can someone help